3rd 6NET Workshop

Date:   Wednesday, 11 May 2005 & Thursday, 12 May 2005
Location:   CNR Congress Centre, Pisa, Italy

The 6NET project organised a workshop on IPv6 co-located with the GARR Conference_05. This open event was staged over two-days and drew up to 150 participants.

The workshop focused on making the case for using IPv6, drawing on the real-world experiences of the 6NET and Euro6IX projects amongst others. It also considered the benefits offered by IPv6 in the areas of multicasting and mobility, and presented an analysis of security issues.

11 May 2005, 14.00-15.30   Chair: Marco Sommani
11 May 2005, 16.00-18.00   Chair: Gabriella Paolini
12 May 2005, 09.00-10.30   Chair: Gabriella Paolini