1st 6NET Workshop

Date:   Wednesday, 21 May 2003
Time:   09.00-15.30
Location:   Panorama Room, Hotel Opera, Zagreb, Croatia

The 6NET project organised a workshop on IPv6 co-located with the TERENA Networking Conference 2003. This open event drew 84 participants.

The workshop discussed various aspects of IPv6 deployment and how to make the transition from legacy networks. It focused on the current state of the technology, with particular reference to multicasting, security and mobility. In addition, it considered the leading role that 6NET and related projects such as Euro6IX play in the development of the next generation of networks.

09.00-10.30   Chair: Peter Tomsu
11.00-12.30   Chair: Theo de Jongh
14.00-15.30   Chair: Kevin Meynell