Joint 6NET/Euro6IX Workshop

Date:   Wednesday, 5 June 2002
Time:   09.00-17.30
Location:   Room C, University Conference Hall, Limerick, Ireland

The 6NET and Euro6IX projects organised a joint workshop co-located with the TERENA Networking Conference 2002. This open event drew 85 participants.

6NET and Euro6IX are two very large projects in the Information Society Technologies programme of the European Union. 6NET is deploying a native IPv6 network at Gigabit speeds, whilst Euro6IX is focusing on provision of IPv6 Internet Exchanges. Both projects are also developing advanced services and applications that will run on this infrastructure.

09.00-10.30   Chair: Valentino Cavalli
11.00-12.30   Chair: Jordi Palet Martinez
14.00-15.30   Chair: Sathya Rao
16.00-17.15   Chair: Jane Butler
17.15-18.00   Chair: Jane Butler