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IPv6 Cluster

6NET was a three-and-a-half year European project to demonstrate that continued growth of the Internet can be met using new IPv6 technology. The project built a native IPv6-based network connecting sixteen countries in order to gain experience of IPv6 deployment and migration from existing IPv4-based networks. This was used to extensively test a variety of new IPv6 services and applications, as well as interoperability with legacy applications.

The 6NET project concluded on 30 June 2005, but IPv6 dissemination, training and support activities continue in the 6DISS project.

The 6NET Project is part-funded by the European Commission, but any opinions expressed on this server do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the European Commission. Please see 'Information Society Technologies' and 'European Union Online' for further information. Contract No. IST-2001-32603.